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COVID-19 Update



Dear Parents,

Thank you for the sending your kids to us this summer. It was obviously not a typical Summer Camp experience, but with your help we were able to provide our kids with much needed exercise, socialization and a little bit of normalcy. 

As we enter the Fall we will be offering afternoon Distance Learning Camps as well as some sport specific training camps.



Sign up with as many friends up to 12 and create your own summer camp pod. Just have everyone sign up and then email your group for the week. If you do not reach 12, we will add a couple kids for the balance.


·    Temperature checks will be administered before each session.

·    Stable pods of 12 kids that do not mix with other pods and a steady camp counselor.

·    Campers and Parents wear masks at check in and check out.

·    At the parents discretion, individual campers may wear masks or not during the activity portion of the camp.

·    Campers in the same pod will play together at certain points during the day in addition to individual drills.

·    Coaches will wear masks when social distancing is not possible.


Please only register for camp if you are 100% comfortable. We completely understand that every family dynamic and comfort level is steered by many factors, including close contact with elderly or those with underlying conditions. Please wait until you are ready. We support you 100% in your decision and look forward to seeing you. 

Thank you for your patience and tremendous support this year. 

 Dan, Tedd, Ryan, Cara, Sarah, Zack, Devin, JP, Matt

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