Shot Reps Advanced Shooting & Skills Camp

Receive next level training and an intense and fun workout that will focus on your shooting and cognitive response skills. Incorporated into the SHOT REPS camp is some of the latest technology that NBA teams and players like Steph Curry are using, including the Dr. Dish shooting machines and the Fitlight Trainer! The SHOT REPS program, was designed by San Diego native Andrew Olson (Currently a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers coaching staff) improves your shot through efficient, quality reps. Our system offers instruction from certified coaches, by focusing on fundamentals including: elite footwork off the dribble and pass, optimal shooting arc, and follow through. SHOT REPS will help you build the muscle memory needed to see your percentages improve. Boys and Girls ages 10-15. The camp is broken into approximately 2.5 hours of skill training and 1.5 hours of competitive games and scrimmages for an intense and productive workout.