Xtreme Dodgeball After School Club

SPECIAL OFFER: $60 OFF if same child is registered for another Skill Builder Fall 2019 Class.
Step1: Register for a soccer, basketball or baseball class for Fall 2019.
Step2. Contact service@mastersports.com for coupon code.
Step3. Register for Dodgeball class using your coupon code for $60 off!

By combining some of the most popular games of all time like Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, Hide and Seek, and Paintball, Master Sports has created an incredibly fun, fast-paced, adrenaline rush game. This game teaches team work, strategy, and good sportsmanship. Physical fitness benefits include building speed, agility, coordination and throwing accuracy. The game is played in the gym with inflatable obstacles used for ducking, dodging and hiding. Our dodge balls are child friendly soft foam core models to create a safe and Xtremely fun time. To mix things up we play lots of different versions that require team work and strategy. We also play a form of paintball using nerf dart blasters and safety glasses. This has been a HUGE hit! 


Fall 2019 Sessions

Community Days Time Ages Dates Registration
view Ocean Air Park Wed 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Ages 6-12 9/18/19 - 11/20/19
5 spots left
view Carmel Mt. Sabre Springs Park Thu 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM Ages 6-12 9/19/19 - 11/21/19