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Stagecoach Grades 1st-2nd Coed

Carlsbad Winter 2022/23 Basketball League

Way of life

Stagecoach Grades 1st-2nd Coed

Carlsbad Winter 2022/23 Basketball League

Way of life

Rule’s Quick Reference Guide

Time Outs:

2 per half, no carry-overs.  No timeouts in K Coed and 1st-2nd Grade PeeWee Divisions.

Clock Stoppage:

Last 2 minutes of second half. Exception is a 15 point lead or greater in the second half.

Substitution Rules for Rec League Only:

First Half:  Midway point of each quarter, and end of 1st quarter

Second Half:  Non starters must start the second half.

Midway point of each quarter, and end of 3rd quarter.

Free substitution at the 5 minute mark of the second half to the end of the game

All players are required to sit out five consecutive minutes in each of the 1st and 2nd halves of every game.  The only exception is when an opposing team has five or less players available at the start of a game.

Foul Outs:

Player foul-out of the game on their 5th personal


Quick Division Reference


Ball Size

Rim Height


Full Court Press

Seconds in Key

Kindergarten Coed

27.5” Junior

8 ft.

Inside Key Only



Grades 1-2 Coed

27.5” Junior

8 ft.

3pt line extended



Grades 3-4 Boys

28.5” Intermediate

10 ft.

Gray Line (volleyball) extended

Last 2 min of game


Grades 5-6 Boys

29.5 Regulation

10 ft.

Half Court

Last 5 min or game


Grades 7-8 Boys

29.5 Regulation

10 ft.

Half Court

4th Quarter


Grades 3-5 Girls

28.5 Intermediate

10 ft.

Gray Line (volleyball) extended

Last 2 min of game


Grades 6-8 Girls

28.5 Intermediate

10 ft.

Half Court

Last 5 min of gm




1.1.            The Official High School Basketball Rules published by the National Federation of State High School Associations govern the youth basketball program, unless otherwise stated in these rules.

1.2.            General Rules:

1.2.1.           Each new game starts with one jump ball at the beginning of the game.

1.2.2.           The possession arrow determines the all other possessions.

1.2.3.           The game consists of two 20-minute halves (running clock) for the Kindergarten Coed and PeeWee/1st-2nd Grade Coed Divisions.  For all divisions 3rd grade and up, games consist of four 10-minute quarters.

1.2.4.           During the last two minutes of the second half, the clock stops on the whistle.

1.2.5.           Each team is allowed (2) time-outs per half (no timeouts for Kindergarten Coed or 1st-2nd Grade Pee-Wee divisions).

1.2.6.           Each team can commit six (6) fouls per half, on the seventh (7th) team foul, the player fouled shall shoot a free throw (each half).  Double bonus (two free throws) is awarded on the 10th team foul per half.

1.2.7.           The free-throw line is 12 inches closer to the basket for the 3rd & 4th Grade Boys/Girls divisions.

1.3.            Technical Fouls:

1.3.1.           Technical fouls can be assessed against a team by the game’s official for any number of reasons, including unsportsman-like conduct by players and/or coaches.

1.3.2.           Any technical foul assessed against one team can result in the other team awarded two (2) free throws and a subsequent in bounding of the ball.

1.3.3.           Coaches and/or players receiving ONE unsportsmanlike technical foul in a game are automatically ejected from the remainder of the game and further suspended from participating in the next scheduled game.

1.3.4.           Any team receiving three (3) technical fouls will automatically forfeit the game regardless of the score.

1.4.            Tie Games (Regular Season Games):

1.4.1.           An overtime game will consist of a two-minute period with a stopped clock in the last minute only.

1.4.2.           Each team is awarded one time out.

1.4.3.           If the game is still tied, a shoot-out is conducted involving the last five players on the floor.  Each player is given one free throw.  If the game remains tied, players shoot free throws until the other team misses.

1.4.4.           A full-court press is permitted during the overtime period if applicable.

1.5.            Tie Games (Playoff Games):

1.5.1.           Overtime periods consists of a (2) minute period with a stopped clock in the last minute only.

1.5.2.           The 2-minute overtime period is continued until one team wins.

1.5.3.           A full-court press is allowed during each overtime period.

1.6.            Player Substitution:

1.6.1.           In every game, each player must participate no less than 20 minutes.

1.6.2.           All players are required to sit out a minimum of five consecutive minutes in each the first half and second half of the game.

1.6.3.           If an opposing team has five players or less, the team with substitutes is not required to have any players sit the mandatory five minutes per half.

1.6.4.           At every substitution mark (middle and end of each quarter), all players on the bench must enter the game in a normal substitution situation.

1.6.5.           Free substitution is allowed at the 5-minute mark of the second half.

1.6.6.           Substitutions are allowed anytime a player is ill, injured, or in foul trouble (three fouls).

1.7.            Special restriction with four (4) players available:

1.7.1.           A team must have at least four (4) players in order to start a game.

1.7.2.           Any team may finish the game with less than five players if players have fouled out.  The league permits the last player that fouled out to play the remainder of the game.  However, a foul committed by that player automatically results in the opposing team player shooting two (2) free throws and possession of the ball.

1.8.            Playing on defense:

1.8.1.           Zone or man-to-man defense is permitted in all divisions.

1.8.2.           Full-Court Press is allowed:        3rd & 4th Grade Boys and 3rd-5th Grade Girls Divisions – last 2 min. of second half.        5th & 6th Grade Boys and 6th-8th Grade Girls Divisions – last 5 min. of 4th Quarter        7th & 8th Grade Division – During the entire 4th Quarter

1.8.3.           The team leading by more than 15 points is not being allowed to implement a full court press. The first violation results in a warning and the second violation results in a technical foul and two free throws awarded to the opposing team.

1.8.4.           Time permitted in the key “in the paint”:        3rd -6th Grade Boys/Girls Divisions, and 6th-8th Grade Girls Divisions – five (5) seconds. NOTE: This is a judgement call by the refs. Not a strict black/white call.        7th and 8th Grade Boys Division – three (3) seconds.







1.1          Each game will begin with a jumb ball, and possession will alternate thereafter. 

2.1.            The Kindergarten and the1-2 Coed Div. use a youth size ball (27.5”) in the game and at practices.

2.2.            Grades 1-2: A defensive player may not pick up an offensive player until the offensive player enters the crosses over the 3-point line extended to the sidelines.  Kindergarten: A defensive player may not pick up an offensive player until the offensive player enters the key.

2.3.            A player may only steal the ball on a pass or loose ball situation.

2.4.            The basketball rims are adjusted to 8 feet.

2.5.            A full court press is not permitted at any time.

2.6.            The free throw line is established by the referee.

2.7.            The three or five second rule in the key does not apply.

2.8.            Team and individual scores are not kept.

2.9.            The playing time is two twenty (20) minute running halves. Game will be played 5v5.

2.10.             The head coach is allowed on the court and is positioned on the opposite side of the court from the trail official to stay out of the way.

2.11.       One official will be assigned. 2 minute half time.

2.12.      Coaches are allowed on the court at all times.

2.12.1.  Coaches on the court must remain away from the action of the play, and cannot enter the key or stand below the basket at any time.

2.13.      Fouls will be called, and free throws awarded for shooting fouls.  The player that is fouled will shoot two free throws, and all other players will be cleared out past the three point line.  After two free throws, the ball will be given to the opposing team.