Grades 3rd-4th Boys

Carmel Valley Spring 2020 Basketball League

Grades 3rd-4th Boys

Carmel Valley Spring 2020 Basketball League

Season Dates 4/1/20 - 6/6/20
Registration Period 1/24/20 - 3/17/20
Gender Boys
Grades 3-4
Price $150.00 per child
Possible Locations Carmel Valley Recreation Center
3777 Townsgate Drive
San Diego, CA 92130

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Carmel Valley Recreation Center


MANDATORY SKILLS ASSESSMENTS (Will Last Roughly One Hour or Less, Attendance is Mandatory for All Players)

Wednesday, March 18th @ Carmel Valley Rec Center

5:15pm: Grades 1st-2nd Coed

6:00pm: Grades 3rd-4th Boys

7:00pm: Grades 5th-6th Boys

8:00pm: Grades 7th-8th Boys 

No Refunds or Credits After the Date of the Assessments, No Exceptions!

PICTURE DAY: Will Be Posted Here

Please plan on arriving roughly 45 minutes prior to your scheduled game time on your team’s picture day (whichever day out of the days listed above that your team plays is your picture day). As soon as you and your child arrive, please check in at the picture table and take individual photos. Once the entire team is present, please take the team photo. Pictures are not included with season registration; any desired photos/packages will need to be ordered through PBM Images on picture day.

Coaching: The recreational divisions are dependent on parent-volunteer participation. High School student volunteers may also participate, but parents always have priority to coach. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to coach your child’s team! Please email Ryan Conroy at with the division and location you wish to coach for the upcoming season.

Practice Info: Practice days/times are determined by coaches of individual teams. Coaches will not know their preferred day/time until they have drafted a team and have discussed possible practice times with parents of players on their teams. Players cannot be moved to different teams due to practice schedule conflicts. Practices are usually held in the late afternoons to early evenings on weekdays, but are again determined by coaches of individual teams.  All practices will be held outdoors at either Carmel Valley Rec Center or another nearby location if chosen by the coach of the team.

Game Days: Games will be played on Saturday mornings at Carmel Valley Rec Center, typically around 9am/10am start times (subject to change).

Team Formation: All teams are formed via a draft process. All players must attend the skills assessment where coaches evaluate players in preparation for the draft. Siblings are guaranteed to play on the same team unless otherwise requested.

Uniforms/Jerseys: All players for all divisions will receive a reversible jersey to wear for each game, and a pair of shorts. Players will keep their jersey and shorts at the end of the season.

Season Awards/Trophies: All participants of the 1st-2nd grade divisions will receive a participation trophy at the end of the season. For all divisions where score is kept, players on teams that finish 1st place or 2nd place will receive a trophy.

All Divisions

Carmel Valley Spring 2020 Basketball League: Grades 1st-2nd Coed: Coed, Grades 1-2
Carmel Valley Spring 2020 Basketball League: Grades 3rd-4th Boys: Boys, Grades 3-4
Carmel Valley Spring 2020 Basketball League: Grades 5th-6th Boys: Boys, Grades 5-6
Carmel Valley Spring 2020 Basketball League: Grades 7th-8th Boys: Boys, Grades 7-8